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Electricity And Transports Are Merging

Current Trucking aims to be at the intersection.

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A one-stop shop for your green transport vehicle needs

Current Trucking is a lease and service provider focused on providing high quality service and support to existing businesses with their trucking needs.  Our mission is to liberate customers from their fuel, service, and maintenance costs in operating traditional internal combustion engines. By leasing with Current Trucking, companies have the ability to drive towards their internal environmental goals while being compliant with broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies.

Open Bays

We're heading where you are

By providing the trucks, the power to move them, and the ability to maintain them, we help existing businesses go green without the risk of adopting an electron-based transport solution.


It's true: less is more

With fewer moving parts, our service offering aims to be superior to traditional internal combustion engine maintenance and fueling while enhancing fleet availability. These efficiencies will be accretive to our leaseholders allowing Current Trucking to relieve companies from the burden of owning, servicing, and powering vehicles.​

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