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Truck Leasing

Providing Truck Leasing and Trucks As A Service Options

Truck leasing has proven to be a smart and effective solution for companies of all sizes. In addition to the expenses saved that typically come with maintaining a truck or fleet, leasing options also provide additional flexibility and transportation solutions. Another trucking option that is growing in popularity is Trucks as a Service solutions.

Often, for companies that only need trucks during peak seasons or on an irregular or less frequent basis, Trucks as a Service or TaaS is a smart alternative. Unlike the popular as-a-Service tech field options, TaaS is akin to having trucks on demand. It also can be structured to eliminate the need for drivers and, of course, equipment. In other words, all the benefits without all the expense.

Welcome to Current Trucking, where we provide solutions for all your transportation needs. Are you looking for truck leasing options? Would you like to learn more about Trucking as a Service solutions? Then Current Trucking would love to talk transportation with you.

Thank you for visiting Current Trucking. For more information about our truck leasing or TaaS options, contact us and one of our professional team members will be happy to help. If you need transportation services now, then contact us today to get started. We are Current Trucking, and we have equipment, the expertise, and the transportation solutions for your company.

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