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11 Questions About Commercial Electric Vehicles

1. How do I switch from a diesel to an EV semi?  

Many name brands offer a variety of electric trucks, Current Trucking will work with you to find the the vehicles that best match your business needs.

2. Can I retrofit my diesel truck to be an EV semi?  

Yes, it is possible to convert existing diesel-powered vehicles depending on the make, model, and usage type. 

3. Are electric trucks cheaper than diesel or gas?  

An electric truck can be up to 30% cheaper on a mile-per-mile basis. 

4. How fast does it take to charge an electric truck?  

Between two and five hours depending on the type charging installation.

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5. What is the single-charge range of electric trucks?  

Depending on the vehicle, the range of electric trucks vary between 100 and 500 miles. 

6. Is maintenance on an electric truck complicated?  

It can be initially, but over the long term, electric trucks experience less wear on critical components, such as the brakes, and with limited belt and engine requirements the need to maintain diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and supporting systems is eliminated.


7. Are electric vehicles actually environmentally friendly?  

Yes, new battery chemistry has allowed for a high percentage of recycling and a limited need for rare earth materials. 


8. How long will the truck battery last?  

Many manufactures have said up to 4000 duty cycles. 

9. What type of charging infrastructure does an electric truck need?  

Based on the needs of the vehicle, level 2 or level 3 charging infrastructure.  

10. Are tax-credits or other incentives available?    

Yes, there are various states that incentivize fleet electrification. Current Trucking works with deployment partners to secure grants and lower the total cost of ownership.  

11. Is now the right time to switch to electric vehicles to electrify my fleet? 

There has never been a better time to transition to the future of trucking and Current Trucking is making adopting the latest electric vehicle technology easy, risk-free, and cost-effective.

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